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Love Trial – Rosy Kitteh – Cover

Love Trial – Rosy Kitteh – Cover

Sorry If you missed Hibikase. That cover, I think, was really good. Just go to my channel to see that. Anyways, the cover uploaded yesterday was Love Trial. It’s a funny song with lots of court-based jokes. The original PV is pure amazing. X’D I first saw this song when Joshua Professional Gaming uploaded its Diva X version to his channel. The “Oh! No! No! No!” and “Oh! Jesus!” parts are amazing as well. I was scolded for using the Lord’s name in vain by my mom when I was practicing, but it all payed off in the end.

My channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4luicSsnyWCXxnIAY5mHEw


Look This Way, Baby Cover

My new cover of Kocchi Muite Baby! Please check it out! I did some actual editing this time, so it’s pretty sweet. 🙂 I first saw this song a month or two or three ago when a friend (Joshua Professional Gaming on YouTube) uploaded the video for it. I didn’t watch it because I didn’t know if it is in a game or not. Just last week I dared and clicked it when it appeared somewhere else on YouTube. I absolutely LOVED the song when I first heard it. It seemed hard to learn at first, but I learned it, did I not? XD I hope this video gets lots of views because I really, really like this song, and I hope others will like it just as much as I do.

I have other songs I am working on at the moment. These songs include Ai Kotoba, Monochrome Blue Sky, and Promise. Here are some screen shots of my video folders on my computer:

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Feel free to tell me what songs I should focus on uploading next. (^^)