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Love Trial – Rosy Kitteh – Cover

Love Trial – Rosy Kitteh – Cover

Sorry If you missed Hibikase. That cover, I think, was really good. Just go to my channel to see that. Anyways, the cover uploaded yesterday was Love Trial. It’s a funny song with lots of court-based jokes. The original PV is pure amazing. X’D I first saw this song when Joshua Professional Gaming uploaded its Diva X version to his channel. The “Oh! No! No! No!” and “Oh! Jesus!” parts are amazing as well. I was scolded for using the Lord’s name in vain by my mom when I was practicing, but it all payed off in the end.

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Promise by Samfree Cover

I uploaded a new song today! I first heard this song… oh, it’s been a while. I, uh, watched this song’s video in, I’d say, early 2016, late 2015? It was around the time I saw Happy Synthesizer, the third vocaloid song I listened to. So, it was the fourth vocaloid song I had ever heard. I only just started learning it last month, though. :3 It’s also by samfree! I think that might’ve been how I found the video. It was probably recommended to me then because at that time I was watching samfree’s other non-vocaloid related videos (which you problably didn’t know existed until now 😀 ). At the time I had over-looked it because of my nonexistant music knowledge and tastes back then. I decided instead on learning Secret by IA and Happy Synthesizer of course. Please take a minute to watch my cover of this beautiful. This is, of course, the short version. I will cover the full version when I have someone to sing with me.